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A difficult thing for beginners

I feel that a programmer finds it difficult to adopt a certain language constructs that are low-level when compared to a high-level language he/she has worked with. Consider a person who learnt Python as one’s first computer language and practiced most of the language constructs, begins to learn C programming. One may feel difficult at the beginning because one’s first language has very flexible built-in data-structures and functions than when compared to C.

The fact that I am one of the examples for the above supports my statement. After I learnt Python, I started experimenting with C. It took me a considerable amount of time to realize how valuable C is. I kept on wishing that C should’ve had simple constructs as Python, till I got to know that in fact, Python is a C program.

Thanks to Mr. Guido Van Rossum for that flexible, general purpose, object oriented and scripting language . If we consider complexities of the programs written in Python and C, compared to C programs, a Python programs has a high time and space complexity. We need to know that there is a trad-off between efficiency and flexibility, and internal complexity is proportional to flexibility.